Alan Simon


Having begun his career in accountancy, Alan moved over to insolvency in the late 70’s and was one of the founding partners of the practice.

He is a licensed insolvency Practitioner, regulated by the Insolvency Practitioners Association as well as a Fellow of R3.

Whilst now specialising in corporate insolvency, Alan has vast and detailed experience in personal matters, having acted as supervisor of numerous IVAs and also as trustee in bankruptcy on many occasions.

He has a commercial, but thoughtful and understanding approach to his work and goes out of his way to be helpful and attentive to his clients. He enjoys meeting a vast array of different people facing various financial challenges and guiding them through with helpful and practical measures to the best possible conclusion.

Alan works closely alongside accountants, solicitors and other professionals in order to arrive at the most robust solution for his and their clients. He is more than happy to be contacted directly by other professionals as well as those suffering financial difficulties.