Here at AABRS we’re here to offer advice and support to help your businesses survive the financial pressures of COVID-19.

If your business has been affected, you will likely know that the government has put together a substantial package of support. You can read full details here:

If that support is not materialising fast enough, or you’re concerned it may not be enough, we’re here to offer advice on your best course of action.

Confidential Advice is a click away
Our mission is to help company directors find the best possible solutions to insolvency. Whether you want free advice, or assistance with a formal insolvency procedure, make contact by calling 0208 444 3400 or try the live chat during working hours.

With decades of experience helping directors in trouble, we can advise on:

  • Understand Your Options – If you’re feeling confused about whether the government suppport will be enough, or whether your current situation means you might already be insolvent, speak with one of our experts free of charge to get confidential advice.
  • Negotiating Time to Pay HMRC – For larger time to pay amounts, the use of a seasoned negotiator may be useful. Here at AABRS we have decades of experience mediating with HMRC for limited company directors.
  • Dealing with Creditor Pressure – As businesses struggle themselves they may well exert more pressure than usual upon debt collection. If you’re receiving threatening letters or other creditor pressure, we can advise on the options available to you.
  • Rescue mechanisms such as Company Voluntary Arrangement or Administration – Let us help you with a business rescue process such as a CVA, which means a structured payment plan with creditors for a proportion of the debts.
  • Choosing Voluntary Liquidation – Sometimes liquidation is the best option, it means closing the company down and selling any assets to pay creditors. This process can often be funded from Directors Redundancy Payments if there’s not enough money in the company accounts.
  • Advice on Directors Personal Liability or Personal Guarantee Issues – Many directors have questions and concerns about whether insolvency could implicate their personal finances.