Vat Arrears Advice

Are you facing VAT Arrears? Here at AABRS we have many years experience advising limited company directors in this situation. Late Payment of VAT is something HMRC take very seriously,so we recommend you keep in regular communication with them to ensure the situation is not escalated. As soon as you are seven days late you’ll being receiving demand letters, which will grow more aggressive in tone as time passes. You should be aware that HMRC is not bound by the same constraints as other creditors such as legally proving the validity of their debt before commencing legal action.

Are You Already in VAT Arrears and facing Escalation?

Where this has already happened, and you are receiving letters without the wherewithal to pay, you need to the best options for the survival of your company. We both company rescue and insolvency experts, so please make contact with us for a free discussion where we can best advice you on how to get through this.

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