Kevin McLeod
Written By Kevin McLeod
Licensed Insolvency Practitioner
July 21st, 2023

Sole Traders and Individuals

Whether your debts are business or personal debts, if they have been incurred and you have no immediate way of repaying them, then you will require a personal recovery solution.

If you are a sole trader experiencing debt, your safest option will be to seek advice from a licensed insolvency practitioner who can advise you on your options and can arrive at a solution.

It is crucial to act quickly before problems worsen. Recognize that there is a problem and face the reality by seeking independent professional advice.

Which Option is best for me?

The options that are available to you if you are facing financial difficulty include Individual Voluntary Arrangement and Bankruptcy. More information can be found in our services section.

Given our many years of experience, we can give a rapid assessment of your situation over the phone as well as advice on what you should do next. However, you may wish to find out more prior to getting in touch.

Our service descriptions are easy to follow and explain not only the circumstances which elicit the need for each service but also the timescales and steps involved when each process is carried out.

Free Options Review

As a sole trader, you would be putting yourself and/or your business at risk by not seeking advice from a licenced insolvency practitioner at the first sign of warning.

We offer a free options review service for individuals and sole-traders who feel they may be in financial difficulty. The service is designed to give individuals a better understanding of their financial position and the true extent of their need for concern.

Contact us arrange your free options review.