Entrepreneurs Relief AABRS

Benefitting from Entrepreneurs’ Relief in a Members Voluntary Liquidation

If you have been lucky enough to run a successful company and build up a sizeable pot of cash that you wish to take out of the company, you will …

Directors' Loan Account AABRS

Director’s Loan Accounts and Ultra Vires Dividends

One of the main benefits associated with becoming a private limited company is the ability to take money out of the company in a more tax efficient way. While the …

Bad Accountant Advice AABRS

An Accountant’s Liability for Bad Advice

As the owner of a small business, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a private limited company, you put a lot of trust in the advice you are …

Landlord Distraint Rules AABRS

Landlord’s on the back-foot, following changes to Distraint Rules

The BBC’s breakfast time series “The Sheriffs are Coming” will certainly need to take into account, new legislative changes to the enforcement of rent arrears. Following recent changes, the landlord’s …

Football Players: Riches to Rags

Recently, two former premier league football players David James, the former England and Liverpool goalkeeper and Chris Sutton the former Blackburn and Chelsea were declared bankrupt. Other footballers that have …

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