Accelerated Payment Notices: What are they and When are they Used?

Since their introduction in 2014, HMRC have used Accelerated Payment Notices to recover several billions of pounds of taxes, but what are they and when are they used? Accelerated Payment …

CVL v Compulsory Liquidation AABRS

Why Should I Choose A Voluntary Liquidation Before Being Forced into Compulsory Liquidation?

Being faced with putting a company into an insolvent liquidation is a difficult position for a director to find themselves in. It can be tempting to bury your head in …

HMRC Preferred Creditor AABRS

Will HMRC become a preferential creditor once again under their new proposed bank raiding powers?

The insolvency regime changed in 2002 under the Enterprise Act, when HMRC removed their right as a preferential creditor in the pecking order and ranked alongside unsecured creditors. Under the …

Dividend Tax Rules AABRS

The New Dividend Tax Rules

As of April 2016, the dividend tax rules changed. The notional 10 percent tax credit on dividends was abolished, and replaced with a £5,000 tax free dividend allowance. But is …


PLN Notices – When can Directors be Personally Liable for Company Debt?

One of the primary reasons people choose to turn their company from a sole proprietorship or partnership into a limited company (ltd) is the extra protection this type of corporate …

Music Tax Scheme AABRS

Music Tax Scheme goes wrong, leaves members with large tax bill

A recent tax tribunal found that a tax scheme that had been set up in the music industry through a company called ‘Icebreaker’ was deemed to have been set up …

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